The PassionITe Difference

PassionITe offers companies affordable means to leverage their growth potentials with Information Technologies, designed and developed as a tight fit between the company’s current and future needs.

PassionITe has a unique business model that combines the best of breed software architects and project managers, with off-site development teams.

Passion is at the center of how we hire: not just looking for nice resumes but for people that live their passion for software beyond their working hours, doing it at home for themselves and for friends or for fun.

And because those people are passionate about what they do, their passion also translates into the work they do for our customers. Because we hire passionate people, we have skills around that you just don’t find everywhere.

We Can Do!

  • Fixed price or hourly based pricing.
  • Results and consultancy driven by your company’s specific needs.
  • A truly interactive and responsive project approach.
  • Shorten your time to market and saving you budget by combining our customized modules, with Standard solutions where available.
  • Offer high quality developers that will understand your business.


At Your Service
Application Development
With a team of passionate developers and architects, we bring the heart of passion in the very fabric of our development.
  • Enterprise back office solutions.
  • Business intelligence solutions.
  • E-business solutions.
  • Custom application and website development.

Application Management Outsourcing
We can provide technology and business application management. With services like:
  • Application maintenace.
  • Application management.
  • On-going development on existing applications.

Business Frameworks
Our business frameworks are a product of years of building applications that solve our customers’ business problems.
  • They encapsulate reusable components
  • Templates
  • UI wrappers and code blocks

This is just a short list of the most commonly used technologies.
  • C#, VB.Net, Java, ASP.Net, PHP
  • BizTalk, MS Performance Point, SharePoint
  • SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Windows Workflow Foundation
  • Ipad, IMac, and Unix

Manageable Projects
Guaranteed success comes with good project management.

For the best results the business goals need to be managed separately from the technical project.
  • Local and remote project management.
  • We enable direct contact with project members.
  • Regular project steering conference calls.

Time, Language and Culture
PassionITe is a European company managed locally and abroad in European style and with mostly European management.
  • Reachable during European working time.
  • English is our working standard, we can also accommodate other European languages.
  • We are aware of cultural differences and feel enriched by them.

By selecting PassionITe, you select a company with a proven track record of innovation.

You will always be ready for the next business challenge.

No Nonsense

As a PassionITe customer, you can be confident that we will approach your project with a no-nonsense mindset, we want to keep things simple and stay focused on delivering solid software fitting your purpose.

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