The PassionITe Consultancy

PassionITe makes available expert help to companies. We can cover the full project cycles, from the capturing of requirements to roll out, and everything in between.

PassionITe helps businesses on their full IT project cycle. We are also involved in taking over specific project phases such as:

  • Capturing of requirements,
  • database design,
  • application architecture,
  • user interaction and user interface (UI) design,
  • software development and
  • project reviewing.

PassionITe has a unique business model that combines the best of breed software architects and project managers, with off-site development teams.

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Rapid Source Solutions bv

6/F Skyrise 1 Building, Cebu I.T. Park 6000 Cebu City, Philippines

+31 85 201 40 80 (The Netherlands)
+63 32 415 51 86 (Philippines)

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